Custom Wine Labels

Design Your Own Custom Wine Labels

Terminal City Brewing is proud to offer our own in-house printing for your custom wine labels! These high quality permanent labels can be quickly and easily applied in store using our professional label application equipment.


Custom Printed 3.5″ x 4″ Labels are available for $0.50 each plus tax.

We offer a discount rate when buying a full batch – 30 custom labels for $10.00 plus tax. 

Designing Your Labels

At this time, our label stock is 3.5″ wide by 4.0″ tall. These labels fit beautifully on standard wine bottles and will fit 650mL glass beer bottles as well. We recommend using Canva to design your labels – you can access most features for free and easily design your labels in your web browser.

Want to use your own software? We recommend setting your page size to 3.52″ x 4.02″ to provide proper alignment of the label. Our printer works best with PDF documents.

Beach Sunset Template

Beach Sunset Label

Country Hills Template

Country Hills Label

Cottage Field Template

Red Wine Bottle Template

Light Grape Template

Light Grapes

Basic Red Wine Template

Basic Red Wine Label

Basic White Wine Template

White Wine Label

Blank White Label

Blank White Label

Label Templates

We have a selection of label templates available on the left. Click the image of the label to go to Canva, where you can edit the design. The Blank Label template on the bottom is properly sized and ready to go for whatever custom designs you can come up with.

Saving Your Design

Canva saves your design automatically while you are working on it – how convenient is that?

Once you have finished and are ready for printing, you can download a PDF and email it to us at [email protected]:

Alternatively, you can send us a link directly at [email protected]:

We prefer to receive your labels ahead of time before bottling – this gives us time to properly print your labels and spool them on to a core for application.

Questions about labels? E-mail us any time at [email protected]


Design Tips

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best results with your labels:

Rounded Corners

Our label blanks have rounded corners. Avoid design elements that have details along the edges, corners in particular. Don’t do this:

As you will get something like this as a printout:

Rounded Corners

Edge Details

Try and keep details away from the edges of the label. Things like fine lines, borders, etc may not appear even from label to label. Differences in temperature, humidity and variations within the label stock itself can cause slight shifts of your design from one label to the next. Our templates add a slight “bleed” of 0.01″ along each side to try and counteract these effects

Solid Colours

Large areas of solid colour may show artifacts from printing. Like all printers, our system combines inks to generate individual colours using tiny droplets. Solid colours tend to highlight this effect leading to less than desirable results. Labels with large areas of solid colour also tend to consume quite a bit of ink which may result in an increased cost to print. We will contact you if we have concerns.

Vertical Designs

Our label aplicator equipment is designed to apply our labels vertically (portrat). We cannot apply horizontal (landscape) labels automatically. We can print labels in landscape for you to apply manually if desired.


Have questions regarding our labels or label-making process?

Contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to help!

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