Cider Bottling Options

Cider Bottling Options

Since ciders are carbonated, they must be bottled in plastic pet bottles or glass bottles with caps.

Corked bottles are not suitable; the pressure will pop out the corks!

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are reusable and therefore a one-time cost for your ongoing brewing experience. Always rinse out your bottles immediately after they are empties. Do not use soap. A strong bleach solution can be used if you leave to soak overnight and rinse thoroughly afterwards. Sizes and process are relative to the batch size and include:

½ Liter bottle: 96 bottles $48.00
1 liter bottle: 48 bottles $48.00

Terminal City Brewing Plastic Bottles
Terminal City Brewing Glass Bottles

Glass bottles

22 oz glass bottles can be purchased for $1.00 each. Buy as many as you need. We think plastic 1 litre is the best way to go with cider. (fewer bottles to clean).

Please note: Since we cannot ensure the cleanliness of reused bottles, We cannot guarantee wine bottled in reused bottles.

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