Island Mist Fruit Wines are a unique and delicious refreshing drink.

Available in a wide range of fantastic fruity fun flavours, WineXpert Island Mist brings a light fun alternative to Wine or Beer. At around 6% ABV, Island Mist Fruit Wines provide a refreshing choice.

Crisp exciting fruit flavours like citrus and berries give you a delectable exciting beverage great for weekend adventures and everyday pleasures. Available still or carbonated, Island Mist is your perfect party companion.

WineXpert Island Mist

Island Mist Fruit Wines

Island Mist Fruit Wines take about 5 weeks to ferment. These fruit wines are “still” or uncarbonated, but we are happy to add bubbles for an additional $10.00 charge. 

“Still” Island Mist Fruit Wines can be bottled in traditional wine bottles, while carbonated Island Mist Fruit Wines need to be bottled in beer or cider bottles.

Each batch produces approximately 23L of finished ready-to-drink goodness. 23L is about 29 standard 750mL wine bottles or about 64 standard 355mL cans.

Like all of our U-Brew products, Island Mist products must be purchased in person at our store.

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