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Proudly Brewing Since 1993.
A cost-effective way to craft your own premium beers, wines, and ciders.
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What is U-Brew?

No, it’s not a bunch of yeasty bottles exploding in your uncle’s closet!

The key concept with U-Brew is that we are making your perfect batch together – by being hands-on with the process, each batch we make together is YOURS. Since the beer, wine, or cider we are helping you brew is for your own individual use, you avoid commercial liquor taxes. Our products are generally less than half the cost of their liquor store equivalents.


Our beer production equipment is similar to any other small craft brewery in town and our brewing process is just the same. Our all-grain brewing system and ferment-on-premises licensing let us do the hard part for you – we take care of the mashing, boiling, filtering, and carbonating. We make the wort, then it goes into a fermenter just for you. Your choice of yeast is all it takes to kick it off.

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Our wine offerings start with kits blended by our partners, RJ Spagnols and WineXpert. The kits come to us with the grapes professionally selected and blended to deliver consistently delicious wines. We handle all of the racking, fining, and filtering steps to finish off your perfect batch ready for bottling.

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We have both fresh local and kit ciders available. Our premium cider starts with fresh BC apple juice pressed in Chilliwack, BC, and will finish quite dry – we can backsweeten if desired, however, most of our customers tend to prefer a dry clean cider. If a sweeter cider is more up your alley (think of a familiar local company who sells cider in 2L plastic bottles) then our Black Rock or Crafted cider kits may be more to your liking.

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We carry an ever-expanding selection of home brewing supplies. From hops and grain to cleaners and sanitizers, we have what you need.

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Our Current Specials

Terminal City Brewing Celebrating 30 Years

Our craft beer offerings are all made from scratch right here in our store. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that every sip is a testament to our passion for brewing.

Our beer batches yield approximately 48L after fermentation, allowing you to savor the goodness of your favorite styles. From the rich complexity of Ales, IPAs, and Stouts to the refreshing crispness of Lagers and Pilsners, we have a wide range of options to cater to every beer lover’s palate.

Ales, IPAs, and Stouts are ready around 2-3 weeks after starting the fermentation process. The tantalizing flavors and aromas will entice your senses, making each sip a moment of pure pleasure.

If you prefer the smoothness and delicate nuances of Lagers and Pilsners, patience is key. These styles require a bit more time to develop their characteristic profiles, typically taking around 4-5 weeks from start to finish. But trust us, the wait will be well worth it as you savor the clean and crisp notes that define these classic beer styles.

Experience the craftsmanship, artistry, and dedication that go into every batch of our craft beers. Join us on this flavorful journey and discover a whole new world of brewing excellence.

Our wine specials just got even better! In addition to our beloved WineXpert Classic series of kits, we’re thrilled to announce that select WineXpert Reserve 6-Week wines are now on special too. Indulge in the ultimate winemaking experience with these exceptional kits!

Discover the perfect series to suit your wine preferences. If you’re seeking a quick turnaround and immediate enjoyment, our WineXpert Classic series is an excellent choice. These wines require minimal bottle aging, allowing you to indulge in their flavors sooner rather than later.

For those who crave bigger, more complex flavors and a fuller body, our WineXpert Reserve series is the ultimate sensory experience. These wines are crafted to elevate your senses, offering an exquisite depth and richness. To fully unlock their potential, we recommend aging WineXpert Reserve wines for a few months in the bottle, allowing their flavors to develop and evolve into something truly remarkable.

Choose the series that aligns with your desires and embark on a wine journey tailored to your taste. Whether you prefer immediate enjoyment or are willing to wait for an enhanced experience, our WineXpert Classic and WineXpert Reserve wines will delight your palate and leave a lasting impression.

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CO2 Tank Swaps

Looking to exchange a CO2 tank here in Vancouver? Have an empty CO2 cylinder you need swapped out for a full one? We can help! By popular demand, we now carry 5lb, 10lb and 20lb full CO2 cylinders. Bring us your empty tank, leave with one of our full ones - how easy...

Make It Personal With Custom Labels

Want to wow your friends? Make a great impression at your next event? We can help! Our in-house printing service allows you to create your own custom beer, wine or cider labels. We have a growing assortment of label sizes, now including full wrap can labels! Our...


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