Wedding & Event Packages

Wedding & Event Packages

Terminal City Brewing offers special wine and beer packages for your wedding or other family event. BC liquor regulations now permit you to make your own wine and beer for serving under a Special Occasion License.

More information about BC Liquor Special Occasion Licences:

Our Wine Packages Include

Our wedding and event wine packages include 50% off bottles plus free shrink sleeves when you purchase 3 or more 6 or 8-week wine kits (about a $30 savings per batch). Each wine kit produces approximately 28-30 bottles. 

Standard labels are included with Cru Select, En Premeur Winery Series and WineXpert Private Reserve kits. Full colour custom labels with your own custom design are available for $10 per batch. 

Please contact Bryn via our Contact Form or call 604.875.0600 to discuss a customized wine package for your wedding or other family event!

Terminal City Brewing Wedding Wine Packages

Our Beer Packages Include

We have a variety of beer dispensing options available to fit your budget. From cans to draft we have options to meet your budget.

Draft Packages

Our jockey box system allows you to easily dispense ice cold draft beer virtually anywhere, no electricity required. Perfect for camping trips, weddings, backyard parties and more. Simply load the jockey box with ice and serve, no refrigerator needed. Best of all, since the beer is being served using CO2, it will last for weeks in the keg. Have leftovers? No problem, we can help you bottle it afterwards – it’ll still be good!

  • Single Jockey Box – 3 Day Rental – $75
  • Single Jockey Box with Ice Bucket – 3 Day Rental – $85
  • Double Jockey Box – 3 Day Rental – $85
  • Double Jockey Box with 2 Ice Buckets – 3 Day Rental – $95

Ice buckets are recommended when large amounts of beer will be served over a short time. If you believe you will be serving pints every 5-10 minutes or faster, ice buckets are recommended.

Order two or more beers plus a jockey box rental and receive $15 off per batch!

All Jockey Box rentals require an equipment deposit which will be refunded upon return of our equipment in undamaged condition.

Picnic Tap Packages

Picnic taps are a quick and easy way to serve beer at parties. You’ll be familiar with the classic “pump tap” system found at keggers everywhere – our updated version replaces the rubber hose with a proper draft tap.

The keg needs to be kept cold with picnic taps so an ice bucket is required. We recommend at least 4-5 bags of ice per keg. Note that beer exposed to air via any sort of hand pump tap will become oxidized after about 24-36 hours. We do not recommend bottling leftover beer from picnic taps.

  • Picnic Tap with Ice Bucket – 3 Day Rental – $40

Order two or more beers plus a picnic tap rental and receive $10 off per batch!

All Picnic Tap rentals require an equipment deposit wich will be refunded up on return of our equipment in undamaged condition.

Can Packages

Cans are a great option for one-way trips. While there’s a bit more work up front, cans offer easy convenience for transport. Cans are single use (disposable) but they’re easy to use (anyone can open a can).

Can prices change with market conditions, please check our beer bottling options page for current can pricing. 

We are happy to offer a $10 discount on each batch of beer if you order 2 or more IDENTICAL beers. 


Have questions regarding our wines or wine-making process?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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