Our Craft Cider Options

Looking for that elusive dry apple cider? Sick of added sweeteners and colours?

We’ve got you covered! Our premium TCB Apple Cider is made from 100% pure Organic BC apples pressed locally in Chilliwack. We can finish our premium ciders at a variety of sweetness levels, most people prefer their craft cider dry. No added sugar, we sweeten only with pure unfermented apple juice. Get the best BC has to offer!

TCB Premium
Craft Cider

Our premium craft ciders take about 3 weeks. Since we are starting with real juice, this cider will tend to be cloudy and will vary a little depending on the time of year and the apples that are in season at that time. We are happy to add a little natural pectic enzyme to add clarity if you so desire!

Our premium cider finishes quite dry – if you would like your cider with a bit of sweetness please let us know when ordering.

Hopped Cider Available – we are happy to dry hop your TCB Premium cider with anything in our Hop Library!

Kit Cider
from Concentrate

We also carry kit ciders from a variety of companies – these ciders are a little quicker to ferment and will be sweeter than our premium cider. They will have more clarity than our craft cider.

These kits start out with concentrated juice. Dextrose (corn sugar) is added as much of the fermentable sugar is lost during the concentration process. Water is added to restore the original volume, then fermentation begins.

We can happily make any kit ciders as a double batch (46L) – just ask when ordering.

Kit ciders are a little quicker and are generally ready in about 2 weeks.

Caring for your cider

Cider can be stored upright and should be kept in a dark, cool place. We have successfully kept cider for 6+ months refrigerated without issue.

Bottles and Bottling

We offer a variety of bottling options. Choose the option that best suits your budget, preferences, and lifestyle. Caps and corks are always included when you bottle with us; we carry standard wine corks, crown caps, growler caps, and PET bottle caps. Our bottles are also available for sale to homebrewers.

Beer/Cider bottles can all handle pressurization, unlike wine bottles. You cannot put carbonated beverages into standard wine bottles as the corks will be ejected. We do have sparkling wine bottles available, however!

You are always welcome to bring your own CLEAN bottles; we will help you sterilize them prior to use but your bottles must be free of stale beer/wine and most importantly mold-free. Please rinse your bottles at home immediately after using them. Black marks in the bottom of your bottles indicate contamination; such bottles should be discarded as they will negatively impact the taste and shelf life of your beer or wine.


Have questions regarding our ciders or cider making process?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!

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