Wine Bottling Options

Wine Bottling Options

We offer standard green and clear glass bottles for $2.99 each – buy a full batch of bottles at once when bottling with us and we’ll happily take off 15%. A batch of wine requires about 29 bottles.

Specialty bottles can be ordered upon request. Labels are also available in a variety of shapes and styles and may be personally printed.

Try bagging your wine! Tired of all the hassle with glass wine bottles? We carry 4.5 litre plastic wine bags for $3.25. We also have a few choices for containers that fit into your fridge or look nice on your bar counter.

For dessert and ice wine we carry the 375mL long neck bottles @ $2.25 each.


Custom Wine Labels

Want something more than a plain bottle to look at? We can help! Our label production equipment and handy applicator machine lets you design and apply your own full colour custom wine labels for $0.50 each.

Batch Price: $15.00 per batch of 30 labels.

Learn More About Custom Labels


“Can I save up bottles and bring them in?”

Of course! Many of our customers re-use commercial bottles. BC Provincial regulations require that you remove or deface any commercial labels that may be on your bottles – a simple sharpie “X” across the label is sufficient, or you can apply some of our custom labels over top.

Screw top bottles are not recommended. We do not have a source for replacement screw top caps. Corks can be used with screw top bottles, however the glass is very thin in the threaded area. Screw top bottles may shatter during corking. We are not responsible for loss of product due to broken bottles.

We do not buy or sell used wine bottles.

Please note: Since we cannot ensure the cleanliness of reused bottles, we cannot guarantee wine bottled in reused bottles.


Cleanliness is everything! Rinse your bottles immediately after emptying them and store them upside down to ensure all moisture drains out. Leftover wine leads to mold, which is extremely difficult to remove from your bottles effectively.

Never use dish soap to clean your wine bottles. Dish soap leaves residue behind which will affect the flavour of your wine. We recommend using Sani-Brew or PBW for cleaning bottles.

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