Bottles & Bottling

Bottles and Bottling

We offer a variety of bottling options. Choose the option that best suits your budget, preferences, and lifestyle. Caps and corks are always included when you bottle with us; we carry standard wine corks, crown caps, growler caps, and PET bottle caps. Our bottles are also available for sale to homebrewers.

Beer/Cider bottles can all handle pressurization, unlike wine bottles. You cannot put carbonated beverages into standard wine bottles as the corks will be ejected. We do have champagne bottles available in our wine bottling section for your sparkling wine needs, however!

Terminal City Brewing Bottles Bottling
Terminal City Brewing Bring Your Own Bottles

Bring Your Own Bottles

You are always welcome to bring your own CLEAN bottles; we will help you sterilize them prior to use but your bottles must be free of stale beer/wine and most importantly mold-free. Please rinse your bottles at home immediately after using them. Black marks in the bottom of your bottles indicate contamination; such bottles should be discarded as they will negatively impact the taste and shelf life of your beer or wine.

A note on screw-top glass bottles

You cannot reliably put crown caps on screw-top glass bottles; the risk of breakage is extremely high. The machinery used by commercial bottling plants plus the caps they use are not available to homebrewers. Screw top wine bottles CAN accept corks, however, there is always a risk of the bottle breaking during corking. We are not responsible for any loss of product due to breakage during bottling. The use of glass screw-top bottles is entirely at your own risk.


Have questions regarding our bottles or bottling process?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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