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Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

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Dimensions 9 × 20 × 30 cm

Crafted Series Amber Ale Kit

Unlock Your Homebrew Dreams with ABC Crafted Series Amber Ale Beer Kit!

Craft the perfect Amber Ale in your kitchen with our Amber Ale Beer Kit. Whether you’re a homebrew master or novice, this kit ensures a seamless journey from pouch to pint. Relish the ease and joy of brewing 6 gallons of balanced, golden Amber Ale, boasting an estimated ABV of 5.1%.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Yield: Get up to 6 gallons (roughly 23 liters) of mouthwatering Amber Ale.
  • Flavor Depth: Create a brew with an estimated ABV of 5.1%, blending richness with refreshment.
  • Balanced Complexity: Experience moderate bitterness at 2.5/5 for a well-rounded profile.
  • Premium Ingredients: The kit includes 1800g of malt extract and 1000g of brewing sugar.
  • User-Friendly Guide: Detailed brewing instructions set you up for homebrew success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Estimated ABV: Our kit is designed to yield an estimated 5.1% ABV, offering a perfect blend of potency and flavor.
  • Yield per Kit: One kit lets you craft up to 6 gallons or approximately 23 liters of Amber Ale.
  • Additional Equipment: Equipment and supplies are sold separately; you will need a starter kit to begin brewing.
  • Bitterness Level: The finished brew will have a moderate bitterness rating of 2.5/5, adding depth to the flavor profile.
  • Kit Inclusions: Our kit features comprehensive instructions for a straightforward and enjoyable brewing process.
  • Regional Inspiration: While classic brewing traditions inspire the kit, it does not claim to originate from any specific region.

Tap into the art of homebrewing and experience the joy of crafting your Amber Ale. Discover why the ABC Crafted Series Amber Ale Beer Kit is your go-to for reliable, flavorful homebrewing.