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Hydrometer – Triple Scale

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Hydrometers are used to measure the dissolved sugar content in your Beer, Wine or Cider before and after fermentation. By comparing the “Starting Gravity” and “Final Gravity” you can calculate the alcohol content of your brew. Triple scale hydrometers like this one have a scale showing actual Specific Gravity (SG), Potential Alcohol By Volume and Balling/Brix, with Specific Gravity being the most common measurement unit used in home brewing projects.

Hydrometers are typically used with a Test Jar, though you can put them directly in to your wort or must at brewing time depending on what type of vessel you’re using.

Each hydrometer includes a reusable case to prevent breakage and an instruction sheet listing proper use and a chart showing how to calculate your alcohol percentage using your initial and final gravity readings.

Hydrometers can also be used for checking gravity in other solutions such as glycol or glycerin.