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25kg Bag, Kilogram, Pound

Roasted Barley


Roasted Barley: Intense Roasting for Exceptional Dark Beer Styles

Crafted from the finest German quality brewing barley, our Roasted Barley stands as a testament to the art of brewing, offering intense coloring power and the most robust roasting aroma. This malt is a cornerstone for brewers seeking to impart a deep, dark character to their creations.

Sensory-wise, our Roasted Barley delivers the distinctive and intense roasting notes synonymous with the finest dark beer styles. With an unmistakable coffee essence, it brings a layer of complexity that elevates your brew to new heights.

This malt finds its perfect place in an array of dark beer styles, playing a crucial role in crafting beverages that leave a lasting impression. From Amber Ale to the rich depths of Stouts and Porters, including classics like Irish Stout, Imperial Stout, and Baltic Porter, Roasted Barley adds depth, character, and a profound color palette.

With a recommended addition of up to 5%, brewers have the flexibility to experiment and push the boundaries of their recipes. For those seeking even more intense and specialized beer recipes, a higher usage is possible, allowing for a truly unique and unforgettable brewing experience.

Enzyme activity is nonexistent in Roasted Barley, making it an ideal choice for contributing rich flavors and colors without affecting the beer’s fermentability.

Embrace the intense coloring power, the robust roasting aroma, and the unparalleled sensory experience offered by our Roasted Barley. Elevate your dark beer styles, create memorable brews, and let this exceptional malt be the cornerstone of your brewing journey.