WineXpert Classic California Vieux Château du Roi


Embrace the essence of classic winemaking with our WineXpert Classic California Vieux Château du Roi. Inspired by the renowned Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache blends, this red wine bears the name “Old Castle of the Kings” for a reason. It invites you to an extraordinary journey of flavors and aromas, where the harmonious blend of ripe raspberry, cherry, and plum dances on your palate.

This medium-bodied wine is a true testament to the artistry of winemaking. It’s carefully crafted to deliver a delightful balance of fruitiness and complexity. As you indulge in each glass, you’ll notice the layers of flavor unfold, revealing a subtle richness that lingers in the most pleasing way. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just starting your wine adventure, the Vieux Château du Roi is a must-try, offering an experience that pairs perfectly with cherished moments.

We’ve had excellent results with our VCRs – we also strongly recommend our 6-Week WineXpert Reserve French Vieux Château du Roi for those of you looking for a premium wine.







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WineXpert Classic




Vieux Château du Roi



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Wine batches yield approximately 22-23 litres which is around 29 750mL wine bottles. Prices include all fees and taxes but do not include bottles – all of our wine bottling options are reusable making them a one time cost! Reduce waste by reusing bottles.

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