WineXpert Private Reserve California Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel


Step into the world of extraordinary winemaking with our WineXpert Private Reserve California Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel with Skins. This exceptional wine hails from the renowned vineyards of Lodi, California, where sun-drenched grapes and rich soils infuse each sip with a distinctive character.

Our journey begins with handpicked grapes that undergo a meticulous process. We enhance the wine’s complexity by introducing premium French oak, allowing it to mature gracefully. This process results in a wine that perfectly embodies the bold and rich flavors of the Lodi region. With each pour, you’ll discover an enticing interplay of zesty aromas and the subtle influence of oak, creating a symphony of taste that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

What sets this wine apart is not just its exceptional quality but also the unique experience of being part of the winemaking process. When you choose WineXpert, you’re joining a tradition of craftsmanship guided by our expert team. It’s a journey that culminates in a bottle of WineXpert Private Reserve Zinfandel, a testament to your passion for crafting remarkable wine.

Elevate your wine experience with WineXpert Private Reserve California Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel with Skins. This is more than a wine; it’s a celebration of Lodi’s terroir, the craftsmanship of our process, and the joy of creating something truly exceptional. Discover its full potential over time, and let each bottle be a testament to your love for fine wine.







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WineXpert Private Reserve







Labels Included

Yes – Standard Branded Labels

Wine batches yield approximately 22-23 litres which is around 29 750mL wine bottles. Prices include all fees and taxes but do not include bottles – all of our wine bottling options are reusable making them a one time cost! Reduce waste by reusing bottles.

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