WineXpert Reserve California Enigma


Dive into the enigmatic world of WineXpert Reserve California Enigma, a captivating blend that defies convention. In a realm where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, this wine stands as a testament to innovation and creativity.

What sets California Enigma apart is its delightful dance between sweetness and depth. As an off-dry wine, it unveils a subtle sweetness that tantalizes the palate, making it a unique gem among our premium offerings. From the very first sip, you’ll encounter a symphony of smooth, dark fruit flavors, with notes of ripe plums and cherries. A hint of spice adds a dash of intrigue, while the finish gracefully lingers with a kiss of vanilla.

This enigmatic blend carries a medium oak profile, just enough to enhance its complexity without overpowering its essence. Its medium-full body provides a satisfying weight that coats the mouth with every sip, ensuring a truly immersive tasting experience.

WineXpert Reserve California Enigma is the embodiment of curiosity, a wine crafted for those who seek the extraordinary in their glass. It invites you to explore the boundaries of flavor, where sweetness meets depth, and where tradition meets innovation. Discover the enigma and let your taste buds embark on a journey unlike any other.







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WineXpert Reserve







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Wine batches yield approximately 22-23 litres which is around 29 750mL wine bottles. Prices include all fees and taxes but do not include bottles – all of our wine bottling options are reusable making them a one time cost! Reduce waste by reusing bottles.

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