WineXpert Reserve California Merlot


Indulge in the allure of WineXpert Reserve California Merlot, where the esteemed Merlot grape showcases its full splendor. This wine is a testament to the artistry of winemaking, balancing plump, lush fruitiness with intricate layers of flavor.

The Merlot grape is renowned for its ability to produce wines that exude berry-rich vibrancy, and this offering is no exception. With each sip, your palate will be greeted by a harmonious blend of succulent berry and gentle spice flavors. It’s a delightful symphony that dances on the taste buds, creating a mouth-filling experience like no other.

What sets WineXpert Reserve California Merlot apart is its smooth and supple texture. It glides across the palate, leaving a trail of satisfaction and a lasting impression. This wine is the perfect companion for grilled meats, as it complements their flavors with finesse, enhancing every bite.

Allow yourself to embark on a journey through the world of Merlot with WineXpert Reserve California Merlot. It’s a wine that speaks of elegance, balance, and the pure joy of savoring each moment.







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WineXpert Reserve







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Wine batches yield approximately 22-23 litres which is around 29 750mL wine bottles. Prices include all fees and taxes but do not include bottles – all of our wine bottling options are reusable making them a one time cost! Reduce waste by reusing bottles.

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