Choosing your beer or cider bottles

Are You Wondering Which Reusable Bottles Are Best for Your Brews?

If you’re new to bottling your own beer or cider, you might be wondering what makes a great reusable bottle. Questions like “Can I use empty liquor bottles for my beer?” or “Are growlers a good option for storing my beer?” often come up. The answer lies in a few key factors.

1. Airtight Sealing: Keep Your Brews Fresh

The most crucial thing to remember is that beer and cider are usually carbonated, and the pressure in the bottle can be quite high when they’re warm. Bottles with corks or soft metal caps, like the ones on screw-top wine or liquor bottles, won’t provide a tight seal. This allows CO2 to escape and oxygen to creep in, which can be the enemy of a perfectly finished beer or cider. Growlers likewise have a weak cap seal and will rarely keep beer fresh for more than a few days. 

2. Durability: Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Reusable bottles offer a fantastic way to save on packaging costs and reduce your environmental footprint. By reusing your bottles, you not only save on deposits, but you also cut down on the number of cans or bottles that need to be manufactured, transported, and disposed of – reducing complexity, energy use, and costs in the process.

What does this mean for you? We recommend bottles with secure sealing caps that can withstand cleaning and endure the typical journeys that bottles might go through in our lives.

3. Choose the Right Size: Efficiency and Shelf Life

Larger volume bottles are faster to fill (fewer to cap) and offer a better shelf life because there’s a better ratio of beer to air at the top of the bottle. Our top recommendation is glass Crown Cap bottles paired with Oxygen-Scavenging Caps (included for free when you’re bottling with us!). These are especially great if you won’t be able to refrigerate your finished beer.

4. The Glass vs. Plastic Debate: Which Is Right for You?

Glass bottles have some distinct advantages. They’re not only more aesthetically pleasing but also offer better protection against light, making them perfect for storing your brews. The classic look and feel of glass are a favorite among many enthusiasts. They’ll stand up to cleaning well and will keep your beer in the best conditions possible.

Plastic bottles have most of the same benefits as glass, with one huge advantage: reusable caps! If you’re taking your beer outdoors, it’s hard to beat a reclosable bottle. Plastic won’t break if you put it in a pannier or strap it to the deck of your kayak. Even if you drop a PET bottle on a rocky beach, just pick it up, wipe off the sand, and you’re good to go. However, they don’t block light as effectively as brown glass does.

Mix and Match for Your Perfect Set

We offer a diverse selection of bottles, so feel free to mix and match to create the perfect set for your needs. Consider a combination of “on-the-go” bottles and “enjoying at home” options to kickstart your collection. And remember, we sell all our bottles individually, making it easy to pick up a few for your next homebrew project.

With the right reusable bottles, you can keep your brews fresh, reduce waste, and enjoy your beverages with confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our selection and find the perfect bottles for your brewing adventures!

We can supply you with as many bottles as you may need.

Here is a list of choices:

Full Batch Discount: Buy a full batch of any of our glass or plastic bottle options when bottling with us and get 15% off your bottles – mix and match any combination of glass or plastic bottles to receive this offer

Prices do not include sales tax.

355ml Aluminum Cans

Standard aluminum cans, single use. Pricing shown is for in-store use only with purchase of beer or cider.

Aluminum cans are a good solution for those who prefer the convenience of not having to wash their bottles. However, this is the most expensive option for your ongoing use as they are not reusable. 

$0.39 ea + tax

About 135 per Batch

$49.95+tax for a full batch

500ml Plastic Bottles

500mL Green PET Bottle

Reusable, caps included when bottling with us.

$0.00 ea + tax

About 96 per Batch

$77.55+tax for a full batch

1 Litre Plastic Bottle

1L Green PET Bottle

Reusable, caps included when bottling with us.

ea + tax

About 48 per Batch

$65.25+tax for a full batch

650 ml Glass Rockets

650mL Glass Rocket / Bomber

Reusable, caps included when bottling with us.


$1.95 ea + tax

About 72 per Batch

$141.52+tax for a full batch

500 ml Glass Swingtop 

500mL Amber Swing Top Bottle

These are some of the highest quality bottles available. Great for home brewing and fermenting too!

$3.25 ea + tax

About 96 per Batch

$265.20+tax for a full batch

750 ml Glass Swingtop

750mL Swing Top Bottle

Amber or Clear, accept a crown cap as well as the included flip top. Great for home brewing and fermenting too!

$3.99 ea + tax

About 64 per Batch

$217.05+tax for a full batch

355 ml Glass Long Neck

355mL Standard Glass Beer Bottle

Reusable, caps included when bottling with us. Standard amber glass beer bottle.

$1.15 ea + tax

About 133 per Batch

$130.00+tax for a full batch

355 ml Glass Stubbies

355mL Amber Stubby Bottle

Reusable, caps included when bottling with us. Amber or clear.

$1.15 ea + tax BACK IN STOCK!

About 133 per Batch

$130.00+tax for a full batch

375 mL Glass Belgian

Belgian Amber Glass Beer Bottle

Quality Belgian style glass 375mL bottles. Heavy duty, will accept a crown cap or a champagne cork.

$1.55 ea + tax

About 128 per batch


Caring for your reusable bottles

Plastic and glass bottles are reusable and therefore are a one-time cost for your ongoing brewing experience.

Always rinse your bottles immediately after they are emptied. Do not use soap – a simple rinse with hot water is usually sufficient provided bottles are rinsed promptly. Our bottle sanitizing machine is available for your use before bottling; it will sanitize and rinse your bottles but it cannot remove mold or other pervasive organics.

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