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Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)


Elevate Your Homebrew with Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)

In the intricate dance of home brewing, achieving the perfect balance of flavors and character is essential. Enter Calcium Sulfate, affectionately known as Gypsum. This secret ingredient transforms ordinary brews into extraordinary libations with its remarkable versatility and precision.

Enhancing Clarity and Stability

Calcium Sulfate serves multiple crucial roles in the brewing process. Its primary function lies in enhancing the clarity and stability of your brew. During boiling and fermentation, it promotes the precipitation of unwanted solids and proteins.

Optimal pH and Ion Balance

Beyond clarity, Calcium Sulfate also adjusts the mineral composition of your brewing water. This ensures optimal pH levels and ion balance for enzymatic activity during mashing. By fine-tuning these parameters, it empowers you to extract maximum flavor and aroma from your grains.

Accentuating Hop Bitterness and Aroma

Gypsum offers a valuable tool for achieving the desired hop bitterness and aroma in your beers. By accentuating the crispness and dryness of hop flavors, it enhances the overall drinking experience. This allows the nuances of each hop variety to shine through with clarity and distinction.