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Carboy – Plastic – 23L

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Discover the Ultimate PET Carboy for Passionate Brewers!

Our carboys are a must-have for dedicated beer and winemakers, setting the standard for excellence. Crafted without any plasticizer, they are made with 100% virgin material, ensuring purity in every batch. Constructed with food-grade materials and BPA-free, these carboys are ideal for secondary fermentations of both wine and beer, as well as bulk aging wine. Here’s why they stand out:

Key Features:

  • Pure Material: Crafted with 100% virgin material, free from plasticizers for the purest brewing experience.
  • Food-Grade and BPA-Free: Ensures the safety and quality of your brews.
  • Taste and Odor-Free: Experience the true essence of your beer or wine without interference.
  • Easy to Clean: No ribs on the sides to collect yeast or sediment, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Stain Resistant: Maintains its pristine appearance batch after batch.
  • Oxygen Impermeable: Protects your brew from oxygen exposure, preserving its quality.
  • Reusable: Safe for multiple uses when properly sanitized before and after each use.
  • Pressure Resistant: Withstands up to 15 psi of pressure, ensuring durability.
  • Made in Canada: Crafted with precision and pride in Canada.

Additional Tips:

  • Handling Caution: Avoid lifting the carboy from the side when full; instead, place one hand on the bottom and the other on the neck.
  • No Drilling: Refrain from drilling holes, as it requires specific equipment and expertise, risking damage to the carboy.
  • Temperature Guidelines: Clean with water below 53ºC (127ºF) and avoid use below freezing temperatures, with a minimum recommended temperature of 35F or 2 Celsius.

Enhance your brewing experience with our top-quality PET carboys, designed for perfection in every sip. Elevate your craft with the reliability and precision of our brewing essentials.