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Dimensions 20 × 1 × 1 cm

Auto Bottle Filler

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Gravity Bottle Filler With Auto Shutoff

Our 12″ Gravity Bottle Filler comes with a sensitive tip to top up the bottle until the desired level is reached. To use the bottle filler, just press the tip against the bottle. To stop, just lift it. Pairs great with an Auto Siphon for trouble free bottling!

The bottle filler has a small O-Ring for better seal, making it leak-proof.

Maximum Temperature: 60 °C (140 °F).

This product is not resistant to high levels of alcohol. Do not sanitize with alcohol.

Acrylic is safe for long exposure to ABV (alcohol by Volume) up to 15%. It is safe up to 30% ABV for short periods of time (10 minutes or so). Exposing acrylic to more than 30% ABV is not recommended. Exceeding those limits will damage the Acrylic and could potentially leach into liquid. If you need to exceed this limits, please use a different product, contact us and we can guide you to different options.