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Vienna Malt


Gambrinus Vienna Malt: Unveiling the Elegance of Amber Elixirs

Introducing Gambrinus Vienna Malt, a mellow kilned malt that gracefully bridges the gap between Pale and Munich malts. This versatile malt serves as the missing link, bestowing an exquisite balance to amber beers and enhancing their character with subtle notes of honey, toffee, and caramel.

Crafted with precision, Gambrinus Vienna Malt stands as the key ingredient for traditional Vienna, Märzen, and various amber beer styles. Experience a symphony of flavors as this malt takes center stage, delivering a malty richness that adds depth and complexity to your brew.

Whether used in full measure or as a smaller fraction of the grist, Gambrinus Vienna Malt lends itself to a spectrum of beer styles. In traditional amber brews, it offers a robust foundation, while as a component in pale ales, IPAs, Kölsch, blonde ales, or Belgian styles, it introduces delightful cereal, biscuit, and toasty notes.

Unleash your creativity and let Gambrinus Vienna Malt elevate your brewing endeavors. Its unique profile transforms each sip into a sensory journey, highlighting the craftsmanship of the brewer. With a moisture content capped at 5%, this malt ensures a smooth brewing process, allowing the exquisite flavors to shine through.

Discover the art of brewing amber elixirs with Gambrinus Vienna Malt, where each pour tells a story of honeyed sweetness, toffee richness, and caramel complexity.