Gulf Islands IPA


Savor the hoppy deliciousness of our Gulf Islands IPA, a legendary brew that has been a cornerstone of our IPA collection for years. At 6.0% ABV and boasting a bold 85 IBU, this IPA is a hop lover’s dream come true.

This brew pours pale in color but bursts forth with a vibrant and robust flavor profile. It kicks off with a generous dose of bittering hops, delivering a satisfying hoppy punch right from the start. However, the true beauty of an IPA shines through in the lingering notes that dance on your palate long after each sip.

Our Gulf Islands IPA is a masterful blend of classic Cascade and Willamette hops, elevated by our own unique finishing touch. The result? A distinct and unforgettable taste that keeps on giving with every sip. For those who crave the true essence of hops, this brew is an absolute delight.

But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to announce that our Gulf Islands IPA is now available as a hazy IPA variant. Just ask when ordering to experience this classic favorite with a delightful twist.





Batch Size


We lovingly hand craft each beer after you have placed your order – Ales, IPAs and Stouts take 2-3 weeks for fermentation while Lagers and Pilsners take 4-5 weeks.

Each beer batch yields approximately 48L which is about 135 355mL beer cans or bottles.

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