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Weight 0.611 kg
Dimensions 18 × 20 × 6 cm

Hand Capper 2 Lever Metal

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We’ve tried a few different hand cappers – our favourite is this 2 Lever Hand Capper. An economical alternative to a bench capper, this capper is nice and compact. It is very durable and practically indestructible. Fits standard 26mm Crown Caps. We’ve tested this capper with most long neck bottles without issue – we don’t recommend using hand cappers with twist off bottles though!

Easily adjustable claws with a comfortable handle, caps bottles with little effort. If you need to cap quite a few bottles, or need something that requires a bit less physical effort, check out our Heavy Duty Bench Capper instead – less chance of knocking over your bottles while capping, but a little more expensive.

NOTE: Not suitable for wide neck bottles – not a good match with Stubby bottles! Made with plated steel – do not clean with Aseptox or PBW as it will corrode the metal. Soap and water will be just fine!