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Liquid Yeast – Omega Pacific NW Ale

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Introducing Omega Pacific NW Ale Liquid Yeast, the perfect choice for homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts looking to elevate their brews to the next level. Developed by the renowned brand Omega, this exceptional yeast strain combines the best of both worlds – a classic UK origin with a distinct Pacific NW twist.

Boasting a relatively neutral profile, the Pacific NW Ale strain allows the essence of your chosen malt and light fruit flavors to shine through, resulting in a beer with exceptional depth, character, and a satisfyingly complex taste. Whether you’re crafting a crisp pale ale, a robust IPA, or a smooth amber, this versatile yeast has you covered.

One of the highlights of this high-quality yeast is its remarkable flocculation abilities. It effortlessly settles to the bottom of your fermentation vessel, ensuring a crystal-clear final product that is visually appealing and visually satisfying. Say goodbye to cloudy, hazy beers and hello to a beer that looks as good as it tastes.

With an impressive attenuation range of 67-71%, the Omega Pacific NW Ale yeast provides you with the flexibility to create beers with varying levels of sweetness and alcohol content. It thrives in a temperature range of 65–75° F (18–24° C), making it suitable for a wide range of brewing conditions.

From beginners to experienced homebrewers, Omega Pacific NW Ale Liquid Yeast is a must-have for anyone seeking to achieve consistently outstanding results. Unlock the potential of your craft and indulge in the art of brewing excellence with this exceptional yeast strain from Omega. Reach for Omega Pacific NW Ale and experience the difference today!