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Muntons Dark Malt Extract

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Muntons Dark Malt Extract: Precision in Color, Minimal Impact on Flavor

Muntons Dark Malt Extract stands as a hallmark in achieving color consistency across batches, offering an ideal solution for dosing post-filtration. Crafted from 100% Black Malt, this extract undergoes an ultra-filtration process, meticulously removing flavor compounds to deliver a wort rich in color pigments while keeping flavor and aroma contribution remarkably low.

Key Features:

  1. Consistent Color Assurance:
    • Ideal for ensuring uniform coloration in your brewing batches, promoting a visually appealing and predictable final product.
  2. Flavor Neutrality:
    • Crafted with a meticulous process, Muntons Dark Malt Extract maintains an exceptionally low flavor and aroma profile, allowing brewers to focus on achieving the desired color without compromising taste.
  3. Clean Label Alternative:
    • Acts as a clean label solution, particularly suitable for brewers and distillers seeking to replace caramel (E150 a-d) coloring or carbon additions in their formulations.


  • Recommended Inclusion Rates:
    • Due to its unique production process, Muntons Dark Malt Extract boasts low recommended inclusion rates, typically less than 1%, ensuring precise color adjustments without overwhelming the brew with unnecessary flavors.
  • Dosage Guide:
    • Add 0.077g/L of Muntons Dark Malt Extract for a color adjustment of +1 EBC, offering brewers a straightforward guideline for achieving desired hues.

Muntons Dark Malt Extract stands as the go-to choice for those who prioritize precision in coloration without compromising the integrity of the brew’s flavor. Elevate your brewing experience with this meticulously crafted extract, unlocking the potential for visually stunning and tastefully balanced creations.

Note: Muntons Dark Malt Extract is the key to color perfection, providing brewers with unparalleled control over their brewing process. Cheers to precision and consistency in every batch!