Pacific Pale Ale


Embrace the West Coast with our Pacific Pale Ale – a true masterpiece in a glass. Crafted to perfection, this ale is your gateway to the heart of the Pacific’s lively and adventurous spirit.

Dive into the world of exquisite hops as you explore the diverse, yet harmonious, flavors that await. The aroma tantalizes your senses with a bouquet of pine, citrus, and tropical fruit notes, whisking you away to sun-kissed shores and ocean breezes. While it may be a shade more intense than its Coastal Pale Ale cousin, the Pacific Pale Ale maintains an inviting balance, never venturing into overpowering IPA territory.

Picture this: a radiant, light amber hue in your glass, a subtle malty undertone, and hops that dance on your taste buds. It’s no wonder this ale is a personal favorite, as it effortlessly captures the vibrancy and allure of the Pacific. So, join us on a journey that promises waves of flavor and the West Coast’s spirited charm in every sip.





Batch Size


We lovingly hand craft each beer after you have placed your order – Ales, IPAs and Stouts take 2-3 weeks for fermentation while Lagers and Pilsners take 4-5 weeks.

Each beer batch yields approximately 48L which is about 135 355mL beer cans or bottles.

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