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Brooks, Karen


William Morrow & Company

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Fiction – Historical

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The Lady Brewer of London

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Step back in time to fifteenth-century England with “The Lady Brewer of London” by Karen Brooks, a captivating historical tale of resilience, ambition, and defiance.

Anneke Sheldrake, the daughter of a once-wealthy merchant, finds herself thrust into adversity when her family faces bankruptcy. Rejecting a marriage proposal from a despised cousin, Anneke courageously embraces her late mother’s legacy: brewing ale.

Armed with her mother’s recipes, she strikes a daring deal with her father’s aristocratic employer, risking everything to secure her family’s future. As Anneke’s brew gains popularity, jealousy and opposition threaten her newfound success, leaving her loved ones in jeopardy. Yet, amidst the challenges, Anneke discovers unexpected allies, including a London brothel owner, as she fights to reclaim her livelihood and shape her own destiny.

“The Lady Brewer of London” is a tale of empowerment and determination, showcasing the indomitable spirit of a woman defying the norms of her time.