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Wheat Malt


Wheat Malt: Elevate Your Brew with Delicate Texture and Refreshing Acidity

Unlock the secrets of brewing excellence with Wheat Malt, the subtle yet impactful ingredient that imparts a lighter body and invigorating acidity to your creations. Renowned for its popularity in German weissbier and wheat beers, this malt introduces a delicate texture, debunking the misconception that the characteristic flavors in German wheat beers arise from the yeast, not the wheat malt itself.

Contrary to popular belief, the banana and clove-like notes in German wheat beers are the handiwork of the yeast, showcasing the unique interplay between ingredients in the brewing process. Wheat malt, however, contributes more than just tradition; it provides a honey-orange hue to your brew, making it visually enticing.

With a Color SRM ranging from 3.3 to 4.0, Wheat Malt brings a touch of golden radiance to your beer. The moisture content, capped at a maximum of 4.5%, ensures the malt’s freshness, while a total protein content of 12% and an Extract FG Min of 85 guarantee its contribution to the beer’s overall structure and flavor.

Embrace the versatility of Wheat Malt, offering a usage rate of up to 50%. It’s a key player in crafting unique beer styles that stand out, making it a favorite among brewers who appreciate the nuances of flavor and aroma. The delightful honey-orange hue it imparts to the beer makes it not just an ingredient but a transformative element in the brewing journey.

Whether you’re diving into the world of German wheat beers or exploring innovative brews, Wheat Malt is your companion for crafting a distinct and enjoyable beer experience. Pair it with light dishes and seafood to complement its refreshing acidity. Elevate your brews, experiment with creativity, and let Wheat Malt be the key to unlocking a world of flavor in your beers.

Color SRM 3.3-4.0
Moisture % Max 4.5
Protein Total 12
Extract FG Min 85
Usage Rate Up to 50%