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Wine Thief

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Wine Thief / Sampler allows you to take hydrometer readings with no siphoning or pouring.

Simply insert the Sampler in to your carboy and let it fill itself up via the one-way valve on the bottom. You can take your hydrometer reading directly in the Sampler, saving you from dropping your hydrometer in your brewing vessel and minimizing oxygen transfer during testing. Once you take the reading, simply press the touch tip valve against the wall of the container and empty the Sampler, mess and waste free.

Also known as a Wine Thief – these are great for grabbing a quick taste before bottling.

BPA Free

Length: 19″.

Maximum Temperature: 60 °C (140 °F).

The Sampler tip drips from time to time, give the tip a tug so the inner gasket will accommodate properly.