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25kg Bag, Kilogram, Pound

Alix 2-Row Malt


Rahr Standard 2-Row Malt: The Craft Brewer’s Canvas

Embark on your brewing journey with Rahr Standard 2-Row Malt, a light-colored base malt that serves as the canvas for craft brewers seeking excellence in every pour. Carefully crafted from a blend of North American 2-Row barley varieties, this malt is a testament to quality and versatility.

With a color range of 1.5-2.0 SRM, Rahr Standard 2-Row strikes the perfect balance – darker than most lager malts yet lighter than typical pale ale malts. This unique position makes it an ideal choice for a wide array of beer styles, offering craft brewers the freedom to explore and innovate.

Moderate protein levels and an impressive extract yield ensure that this malt delivers not just on versatility but also on brewing efficiency. Its neutral characteristics provide a blank slate for brewers to paint their flavor profiles, making it the go-to base malt for North American craft breweries.

The Rahr Standard 2-Row Malt boasts an Extract FG Min of 80, ensuring a robust brewing process and consistent results. Craft your masterpiece, whether it’s a crisp lager, a hop-forward pale ale, or any beer style your creativity envisions.

Join the ranks of North American craft brewers who trust Rahr Standard 2-Row as their go-to base malt, elevating every brew with quality, consistency, and the spirit of craftsmanship.