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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 12 cm

Airlock – Standard

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Standard 3-piece Airlock. An airlock allows your fermentation to vent CO2 without letting contaminants in. Works for wine, beer, cider or any other home brewing project. Comes assembled and individually packaged in a plastic bag. VERY EASY TO CLEAN!

Maximum Temperature: 60C

  • Fill with water to the fill line with boiled water or sanitizer and insert into a drilled stopper or bung. Clean up and sanitation is easy with the three pieces disassembled. This airlock creates a closed fermentation that allows CO2 to escape from your carboy or bucket but does not allow air back in to contaminate your batch.
  • Airlocks enable CO2 to be released during fermentation, but it traps oxygen from entering the fermenter and harming your beer or wine. Choose between the Bubbler Airlock and the Three-Piece Airlock. Compatible with all our drilled stoppers.
  • Product of Canada