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Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 23 × 20.5 × 4 cm

1kg Bag, 250g Bag

Calcium Carbonate (Chalk)


Calcium Carbonate (Chalk): Fine-Tune Your Homebrew with Precision

In the intricate craft of home brewing, achieving the perfect balance of flavors and characteristics is paramount. Meet Calcium Carbonate, also known as Chalk, the versatile additive that empowers brewers to fine-tune their creations with precision and expertise.

Balancing pH Levels

One of Calcium Carbonate’s primary functions is to balance pH levels in the brewing process. By neutralizing acidity, it ensures a harmonious environment for enzymatic activity during mashing. This results in optimal starch conversion and enhances the extraction of flavors from your grains.

Enhancing Water Chemistry

In addition to pH balancing, Calcium Carbonate also plays a crucial role in enhancing water chemistry. It increases the carbonate content of brewing water, which is essential for maintaining proper buffering capacity. This helps prevent fluctuations in pH during various stages of brewing, ensuring consistency and stability in your final product.

Improving Wort Clarity

Calcium Carbonate can also contribute to improved wort clarity. By precipitating excess proteins and polyphenols, it helps clarify the wort during the boiling process. This leads to a cleaner, more visually appealing final product, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Fine-Tuning Flavor Profiles

Furthermore, Calcium Carbonate allows brewers to fine-tune the flavor profiles of their brews. By adjusting water chemistry and pH levels, it can accentuate certain flavors and minimize unwanted off-flavors. This gives brewers greater control over the taste and character of their creations, resulting in more nuanced and enjoyable beers.

Crafting Excellence with Calcium Carbonate

Whether you’re brewing ales, lagers, or specialty beers, Calcium Carbonate is a valuable tool in your arsenal. Its ability to balance pH, enhance water chemistry, and improve clarity and flavor make it an indispensable additive for brewers striving for excellence in their craft.