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Hand Pump Pressurized Beer Line Cleaning Kit

This handy pressurized beer line cleaner makes cleaning your beer lines a breeze! Use with your choice of cleaning solution (we recommend warm PBW followed by a clean water rinse) – disconnect your keg coupler, attach this pump and push solution through your entire system. This kit includes the cleaning pump itself, a faucet and beer nut wrench, a line plug and a cleaning brush.

The Hand Pump connects directly to the beer line with 1 Gallon ( 4 Liters ) of cleaning solution, pumps from the bottom to the top. This lets you soak the cleaning solution in the line for 15 minutes (minimum recommended time, but you can leave that longer).

Beer lines require periodic cleaning (around every 6 weeks or every time you switch out a keg).

The connector included with the system attached directly to the beer line, so you can pump the solution through the line.

You can build enough pressure to clean long draws and cooling coils.

  • Comes with a 3/16” x 5/16” hose
  • Includes a coupler that connects to Commercial Keg Couplers


Also included in the kit:


Beer Line Cleaning Brush:
  •  With 8 inch length and 5/8 inch diameter brush ideal to clean Beer Taps, Beer Faucets, 3 Pc airlocks, ½ inch Spring Bottle Fillers, ½ inch Gravity Bottle fillers , Spigot 3/8 inch , Spigot ½ inch.
  •  It has a coated tip to prevent scratching or damaging surfaces, that makes it a must have tool! ** Also be Sold separately
Plug Beer Tap Brush and Seal:
  • Ideal to Keep fruit flies and spiders out of your draft beer faucet. Plugs your faucet when you are not using it. Attached brush cleans faucet on the way in and out.
  •  **Works on all Nukatap, Perlick, Intertap, Standard Chrome taps and the Krome tap. ** Also be Sold separately
Double Shank and Faucet Wrench:
  •  Dual tool, designed to tighten the nut on the back of a faucet shank. Its wide opening makes it so it fits inside of coffin boxes and larger round towers. The faucet wrench is used for installing and removing a faucet from a shank for cleaning** Also be Sold separately