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Liquid Yeast – Omega British Ale V

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Introducing “Omega British Ale V” liquid yeast, the ultimate choice for brewing top-notch NEIPAs. Crafted by the esteemed brand Omega, this yeast strain guarantees mind-blowing results in the category of Yeast. Discover an unrivaled brewing experience with British Ale V, as it effortlessly elevates the fruity essence of juicy hops while bestowing a distinctively stable haze and delightful residual sweetness, making it the ultimate hallmark of a phenomenal hazy IPA.

With a high flocculation, this liquid yeast ensures efficient settling of particulates, resulting in a clearer end product. Achieving optimum attenuation between 71-75%, British Ale V showcases its exceptional ability to fully convert wort sugars, leading to an impeccable balance of flavors.

The temperature range of 64-74° F (18-23° C) allows for precise control, empowering brewers to tame the yeast’s transformative powers according to their desired tastes and preferences. Furthermore, impress your taste buds with the exceptional alcohol tolerance of 10%, allowing for even bolder and stronger brews.

Omega British Ale V liquid yeast is the go-to choice for any enthusiastic brewer aspiring to create NEIPAs that stand out in the crowd. Elevate your brewing game to new heights and impress beer enthusiasts with the distinct fruity boost, stable haze, and residual sweetness that have become synonymous with this extraordinary strain. Embrace excellence and choose Omega British Ale V for an unforgettable hazy IPA experience like no other.