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Liquid Yeast – Omega Irish Ale

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Introducing Omega Irish Ale Liquid Yeast, the secret ingredient for brewing Ireland’s iconic stout. Crafted by the renowned brand Omega, this yeast strain is specifically designed to bring out the best qualities in your brew.

With its balanced and dry profile, Omega Irish Ale yeast offers a crisp and refreshing taste that is complemented by a light fruity touch. This versatile and powerful strain is a reliable fermenter, ensuring consistent results every time. While there is a possibility of some diacetyl, it only adds to the complexity of the flavor profile.

One of the key features of Omega Irish Ale yeast is its ability to adapt to different temperatures. At the lowest recommended temperatures, you’ll experience a subtle hint of fruit, and as the temperature increases, the flavors become more intricate and captivating, enriching your beer experience.

This liquid yeast is especially successful in brewing dark and high gravity beers, guaranteeing a rich and satisfying result. Whether you’re a homebrewer or a professional, Omega Irish Ale yeast is a must-have for those looking to replicate the authentic taste of Ireland’s stout.

With a medium flocculation and an impressive attenuation rate of 69-75%, Omega Irish Ale yeast ensures exceptional clarity and enhances the overall brewing process. It can tolerate alcohol levels up to 12%, unleashing your creativity to push the boundaries of flavor.

Embrace the spirit of Ireland and raise a glass to superior brewing with Omega Irish Ale Liquid Yeast. Sláinte!