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Liquid Yeast – Omega Pilsner I

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Introducing Omega Pilsner I Liquid Yeast, the ultimate choice for brewers seeking a versatile and reliable yeast strain to enhance their lagers. Proudly brought to you by Omega, a renowned brand in the yeast industry, this liquid yeast is designed to elevate your brewing experience to new heights.

With its crisp and malty profile, Omega Pilsner I delivers exceptional flavor and aroma characteristics, making it the go-to strain for lagers. It offers a light ester profile and a wide fermentation range, making it a truly versatile option for brewers of all levels.

What sets Omega Pilsner I apart is its unique ability to produce a convincing lager even at ale temperatures. By fermenting in the low temperature range (45-55° F), this yeast maintains a delightful, crisp profile that will impress even the most discerning beer enthusiasts. If you prefer slightly heightened esters, you can ferment it at higher temperatures within the range of 65-68° F.

Additionally, Omega Pilsner I boasts a medium-low flocculation, ensuring a clear and well-defined appearance in your brews. With an impressive attenuation range of 73-77%, this yeast efficiently converts sugars into alcohol, resulting in a well-balanced and satisfying beverage.

Whether you’re a professional brewer or a passionate homebrewer, Omega Pilsner I Liquid Yeast is your trusted partner for consistently producing outstanding lagers. Explore the endless possibilities of lager brewing with this world-renowned strain that can withstand alcohol levels up to 9%.

Choose Omega Pilsner I Liquid Yeast and unlock the true potential of your lagers. Elevate your brewing game with Omega, the brand that brewers trust.