Rye Wheat Ale


Experience the soul of the Canadian prairies in a glass with our Rye Wheat Ale. Crafted with precision and a touch of prairie magic, this medium-bodied ale captures the essence of the vast, windswept plains.

The Spirit of the Prairies

Our Rye Wheat Ale is a tribute to the open landscapes and the whispers of the prairie winds. It’s a crisp and clean brew that showcases the gentle, earthy flavors of rye, a grain that sways in the prairie breeze. Rye brings a captivating depth to the brew, infusing it with a slightly darker hue compared to our typical pale ales. However, what sets it apart is its unique ability to avoid the typical toasted barley bitterness.

A Year-Round Delight

This ale is more than just a seasonal treat; it’s a year-round companion that suits any occasion. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice, whether you’re basking in the summer sun, embracing the crispness of autumn, or seeking warmth during the winter chill. With a balanced profile and a touch of prairie character, it’s a beer that’s as comforting as the prairie horizon.

Crafted with Care

At Terminal City Brewing, we take pride in crafting beers that reflect the diverse beauty of Canada’s landscapes. Our Rye Wheat Ale is a testament to our commitment to quality and our passion for capturing the essence of the prairies in every sip.

Savour the spirit of the Canadian prairies with every pour of our Rye Wheat Ale, a brew that brings the windswept plains to your glass.





Batch Size


We lovingly hand craft each beer after you have placed your order – Ales, IPAs and Stouts take 2-3 weeks for fermentation while Lagers and Pilsners take 4-5 weeks.

Each beer batch yields approximately 48L which is about 135 355mL beer cans or bottles.

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