Dynamite Kid ESB


A Tribute to Wrestling Greatness

Step into the ring of flavor and embrace the dynamism of our Dynamite Kid ESB, a British-style Extra Special Bitter that packs a punch of character. Named in homage to the legendary British wrestler, this beer is a true champion in its own right.

A Symphony of Hops and Malts

With a double dose of Fuggle hops, a generous helping of Willamette hops, and a hearty infusion of 200g of Chocolate Malt, Dynamite Kid ESB is a masterclass in balance. The result is a harmonious blend of hoppy bitterness and smooth maltiness, creating a complexity that keeps you coming back for more.

35 IBU, 5.7% ABV: A Bold Combination

Clocking in at around 35 IBU, this beer isn’t afraid to flex its hoppy muscles. Yet, it maintains a respectable 5.7% ABV, ensuring that the boldness doesn’t overwhelm the overall drinking experience. It’s the perfect synergy of strength and smoothness, just like its wrestling namesake.

A Flavorful Bout Worth Remembering

Every sip of Dynamite Kid ESB is a journey into the world of British brewing excellence. It’s a beer that pays homage to tradition while delivering a flavor experience that’s anything but ordinary. From its rich color to its memorable taste, it’s a true contender in the ring of craft beer.

Raise a Glass to a Legend

Join us in raising a glass to the wrestling legend and the unforgettable taste of Dynamite Kid ESB. Crafted with precision and passion, it’s a beer that’s as bold and memorable as the wrestler who inspired it.





Batch Size


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