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24oz (Medium), 32oz (Large)

Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle


Introducing our versatile Spray Bottles – your ultimate solution for all your spraying needs! Available in two convenient sizes, 24oz and 32oz, these bottles are designed to make your life easier. Crafted with precision, they feature graduations on the side, allowing you to measure your liquids with incredible accuracy.

What sets our Spray Bottles apart is their incredible durability. The spray trigger is specially engineered to be chemical resistant, making them the perfect companion for use with cleaners and sanitizers, such as the renowned Star-San. Whether you’re tackling tough stains or ensuring a germ-free environment, these bottles can handle it all.

Customization is at your fingertips with our adjustable spray pattern feature. Easily switch between a focused stream and a fine mist, giving you the control you need for various tasks. From household cleaning to gardening, our Spray Bottles offer versatility that’s second to none.