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Step into the world of Coastal Pale Ale! Here, every sip promises a delightful experience. To start, this classic beer boasts a comfortable 5.2% ABV, ensuring a balanced and flavorful journey. At around 36 IBUs, it delivers just the right level of bitterness to complement its exquisite hop character.

Crafted with Precision

Now, let’s delve into the heart of this timeless classic. Coastal Pale Ale marks the inception of our all-grain ale recipes going right back to the start of our all-grain brewing transition around 10 years ago. Crafted from scratch using only the finest ingredients, including the revered Maris Otter and Canadian 2-Row barley, it embodies the very essence of craftsmanship and creativity.

But there’s more to the story. Coastal Pale Ale is carefully infused with a delightful blend of hops, including Northern Brewer, Willamette, Chinook, and Cascade. These hops not only contribute to its exceptional flavor but also infuse it with a gentle yet distinctive hoppy character, encapsulating the very essence of craft brewing.

Unleash Your Creativity

But that’s not all. Coastal Pale Ale is more than just a beer; it’s your canvas for boundless creativity. Now, here’s the exciting part. We invite you to elevate your experience further by making your own Custom Pale Ale. You have the power to customize your beer with a diverse array of hops from our catalog. Imagine crafting a brew that’s uniquely yours, a true reflection of your taste and preferences. Dive into our hop catalog, let your imagination run wild, and craft your very own custom Pale Ale. The possibilities are endless, and your masterpiece awaits!





Batch Size


We lovingly hand craft each beer after you have placed your order – Ales, IPAs and Stouts take 2-3 weeks for fermentation while Lagers and Pilsners take 4-5 weeks.

Each beer batch yields approximately 48L which is about 135 355mL beer cans or bottles.

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