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Munich Light


Gambrinus Munich Light Malt: Balanced Malty Perfection

Experience the art of brewing with Gambrinus Munich Light Malt, a beacon of balanced maltiness that transforms your beer into a delightful masterpiece. With a color spectrum ranging from 8.0 to 15.0 SRM, this malt offers a plump, sweet, and mellow profile, weaving impressions of toast, pretzel, toffee, and caramel. Subtle notes of nuttiness and cereal grains add depth to your brew.

Embrace the versatility of Gambrinus Munich Light Malt, suitable for a variety of beer styles. It serves as the ideal base malt for amber or red ales, Altbier, Scottish ales, and traditional Bavarian lagers. Take your creativity further by incorporating small inclusions for pale ale, IPA, and other styles, intensifying color and enhancing maltiness without the sweetness associated with caramel malt.

Brew with confidence, as this malt boasts a protein content below 14% and a maximum moisture level of 5%. The recommended usage rate extends up to 100%, allowing you to unleash the full potential of Gambrinus Munich Light Malt in your brewing endeavors.