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Premium Pilsner Malt


Gambrinus Pilsner Malt: Crafting Excellence with Canadian Two-Row Elegance

Embark on a brewing journey with Gambrinus Pilsner Malt, a meticulously processed base malt derived from the finest Canadian two-row barley. Recognized for its very low protein content, this malt is a versatile choice that lends its elegant characteristics to a broad spectrum of beer styles.

Crafted with precision, Gambrinus Pilsner Malt introduces delicate flavors of fresh barley, grain, honey, and bread into your brew. Elevate your beer experience with a distinctive nutty character and subtle hints of vanilla, making it an exceptional choice as the foundation for classic Pilsner, Kölsch, pale lager, Belgian ale, session IPA, and blond ale.

The versatility of Gambrinus Pilsner Malt extends beyond these classic styles, as it seamlessly integrates into the grist for Hefeweizen or Witbier, adding layers of complexity and enhancing the overall flavor profile.

As the canvas upon which brewers paint their beer masterpiece, this base malt sets the stage for beers that captivate the senses. Its low protein content ensures a smooth brewing process, allowing the true essence of the malt to shine through in every sip.

Unleash your creativity and let the elegance of Gambrinus Pilsner Malt transform your brewing experience. Craft beers that embody the essence of Canadian two-row barley, offering a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate and leave a lasting impression.

Colour SRM
1.3 – 1.8
Protein Total
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Usage Rate
Up to 100%