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Liquid Yeast – Omega German Lager I

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Introducing Omega German Lager I Liquid Yeast, the ultimate choice for home brewers looking to create authentic and versatile lagers. Crafted by the renowned brand Omega, this yeast strain boasts a crisp, malty profile with light esters and a wide fermentation range that will take your homebrewing to the next level.

With its impressive adaptability, Omega German Lager I is thought to be the world’s most used lager strain. It has the unique ability to produce a convincing lager at ale temperatures, offering you more flexibility and convenience while still delivering exceptional quality and flavor.

For those seeking a refreshing and clean lager experience, fermenting in the low temperature range (45-55°F) is recommended. This maintains a more crisp profile, allowing the malt character to shine through. However, if you desire a slightly fruitier complexity, raising the temperature to the higher range (65-68°F) will bring out heightened esters, adding a delightful twist to your brew.

Omega German Lager I Liquid Yeast also boasts a medium-low flocculation, ensuring a smooth and clear finished product. With an attenuation rate of 73-77%, you can rely on this yeast to provide excellent fermentation and a well-balanced final ABV.

Compatible with a wide range of lagers, Omega German Lager I is perfect for any brewing style or preference. Achieve the finest quality lagers with the world’s most trusted lager strain. Order your Omega German Lager I Liquid Yeast today and embark on a brewing journey like no other!