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Liquid Yeast – Omega West Coast Ale I

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Introducing Omega West Coast Ale I Liquid Yeast by Omega, the perfect yeast choice for brewers looking to create exceptional displays of malts and hops. With its reliable and versatile characteristics, this liquid yeast provides a neutral foundation that allows malts and hops to shine.

One of the key features of Omega West Coast Ale I is its high attenuation and moderate flocculation. This means that it ferments with exceptional efficiency, resulting in a crisp and clean outcome. The fermentation process also offers a touch of light citrus notes, adding a delightful complexity to your brew.

To enhance the hop flavors even further, we recommend trying our DIPA (OYL-052) or British I (OYL-006) liquid yeasts. These options will bring out the full potential of your hop selection, creating a hop-forward experience like no other. Alternatively, if you’re looking to accentuate the malt characteristics, consider using our West Coast Ale II (OYL-009) or Scottish Ale (OYL-015) liquid yeasts.

With medium-low flocculation and an impressive attenuation range of 73-80%, Omega West Coast Ale I can handle a wide range of brewing temperatures. Its versatility is further demonstrated by its alcohol tolerance, which allows you to reach an impressive 11% ABV.

Choose Omega West Coast Ale I Liquid Yeast for your next brewing adventure and unlock the potential of your malts and hops. Experience the crisp and clean flavors with a delightful hint of citrus, all achieved with the reliable and trustworthy characteristics of Omega yeast.