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17-24° C



Liquid Yeast – Omega Scottish Ale

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Introducing Omega Scottish Ale Liquid Yeast, the secret ingredient for crafting the perfect Scottish Ale. Developed by Omega, a leading brand in yeast production, this remarkable strain is a flocculent, versatile, and reliable house strain that guarantees exceptional results every time.

With its neutral to complex and malty profiles, Omega Scottish Ale Liquid Yeast allows brewers to create a wide range of Scottish Ales bursting with flavor. No need to worry about muted hop character as this strain ensures the distinct hoppy notes shine through, enhancing the overall taste experience. Take your brews to new heights by experimenting with different fermentation temperatures – a higher range triggers the emergence of more delightful esters, adding layers of complexity to your Scottish Ale.

High flocculation is a key feature of Omega Scottish Ale Liquid Yeast, ensuring a clean and clear beer. Supported by an impressive attenuation rate of 73-76%, this strain has the capability to produce brews with a desirable level of alcohol content – up to a remarkable 10% tolerance.

With a recommended temperature range of 63-75° F (17-24° C), brewing perfection is within your grasp. Achieve consistent and outstanding Scottish Ales with the help of Omega Scottish Ale Liquid Yeast—the essential choice for brewers seeking quality, reliability, and excellent taste. Elevate your craft and capture the essence of Scotland today!