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Liquid Yeast – Omega Tropical IPA

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Introducing Omega Tropical IPA, a game-changing product from the renowned brand Omega, specifically designed for brewing enthusiasts. This unique Saccharomyces strain boasts an exceptional ability to produce delicate, tart, tropical mango, and pineapple fruit characteristics, accentuating your IPA with an irresistible tropical twist.

What sets this Liquid Yeast apart is its impressive versatility. Experimenting with higher fermentation temperatures allows the tropical aspects to shine through, creating a truly immersive flavor experience. Don’t be discouraged by its stubbornly non-flocculent nature; the final results are more than worth the effort.

But that’s not all. The Omega Tropical IPA yeast strain possesses the STA1 gene, indicating Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus. This genetic feature empowers the yeast to efficiently ferment dextrins, leading to remarkable attenuation and an unmistakably smooth finish.

With a low flocculation rate, ranging from 82-90%, this liquid yeast caters to those seeking a more nuanced and layered IPA profile. It thrives within a temperature range of 70-85° F (21-29° C) and exhibits an impressive alcohol tolerance up to 10%. Rest assured, this yeast will deliver consistent and reliable results in every brew.

In summary, Liquid Yeast – Omega Tropical IPA is the perfect companion for brewers looking to elevate their IPA game. Indulge in the delightful flavors of tropical mango and pineapple, embrace the challenge of non-flocculence, and experience the satisfaction that comes from pushing your craft to new frontiers. Trust Omega to transform your brewing creations into tropical masterpieces.